Josef Ber - Human Resources

“This production really deserves an A+  report card. Delicious, dirty and a Must See.”


Skye Crawford  - BROADWAY AUSTRALIA 6/2/06

2006 - Human Resources by Chris Aronsten

By Chris Aronsten - Darlinghurst Theatre February 2006

Human Resources: a 3-part look at the psychology, graft and sexual politics of working in an office. In Dave’s Lunchtime Dos and Don’ts, Steven revels in his easy manipulation of a lonely, sexually frustrated, wealthy older man – until his plan goes horribly wrong. In Brian Meets His Match a pack of office workers all use the same internet dating service.  Their obsessive rules of engagement are challenged by the arrival of the new boy – plain old Brian.  In Fiona’s Functions we discover how an older and near-untrainable box office worker deals with the encroachment of technology and her seemingly pre-pubescent new boss.

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