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Bloody Incredible... I literally sat there with my jaw dropped... never have I seen poetic drama so vividly realised by a performance...chilling subconscious menagerie struggling beneath our waking state.” - Miles Merrill

"Gaul and her team have created one of the best independent shows of the year thus far and have set a new benchmark for what can be achieved."  Jason Blake

“A Siren call to Sydney’s independent theatre scene proving that less can often be more:” Nicholas Pickard 

"Kate Gaul, one of Sydney’s most insightful, confident and versatile directors …. creates a production that sings with all the music and poeticism of White’s text. This is an entertaining, imaginative, first-rate and crystal-clear production of one of the most idiosyncratic plays ever written by an Australian playwright. It’s no fusty museum piece, but should be seen by everyone with an interest in the handful of plays that make up the Australian theatrical canon.”  Ben Neutze

"Directed with subtle focus and clarity by Kate Gaul, the 70 minutes are a kaleidoscope of imagery made dynamic by sustained energy and intelligence. Simplicity and complexity combine in a virtually flawless production … Not to be missed” Diana Simmonds

“…every element in this production is in step and working together to create this fascinating and ultimately heartbreaking piece of theatre.”  Ben Neutze

Kate Gaul - Artistic Director. Find out more about Kate here.


Siren Theatre Co is an independent theatre company based in Sydney. We commission and produce new Australian plays, re-invented classics, work for young people and families, partner with producing and presenting organisations to give our vital artists and audiences bold imaginative experiences.

Siren is always evolving but these things hold true: the work would look ridiculous in other mediums; always tell a good story; keep the actor at the centre of the work; don’t add to the crap in the world; the work will be beautiful, rigorous, imaginative and timely.

Telling female centred stories; interpreting plays through a female centred lens is as important as supporting exciting female artists.  This is key to choosing work. Not exclusively. But preferably.

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