Writer Noëlle Janaczewska

Director Kate Gaul

Performer Jane Phegan

Composer & Sound Designer Nate Edmondson

Designer Camille Ostrowsky

Lighting Designer Becky Russell

What’s happening to winter? In hot, bushfire-prone Australia our winters are becoming warmer and shorter. Will climate change eventually erase the season, leaving it to exist only in paintings, fairytales and historical accounts? "The End of Winter" is about loss and resilience. It’s about the places the writer goes in search of the cold weather she loves—places she can reach via public transport and the imagination.


A story of winter written in the heat of summer.

Developed in association with Critical Stages Touring

Premiere Season 2021

Audience Response from the public reading:


Sophisticated, thematically strong.


Unlike our climate and environment, theatre is alive and well in the 21st century


I love the scope of this work - it is at once deeply personal and globally significant. 


A necessary, relevant, sophisticated new work by an accomplished writer, developed

and presented by a cracker creative team.


Very ingenious way of talking about climate change.

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