"...Kate Gaul at the helm, directing, producing, and proving herself to be a woman of exceptional ability and a brilliant visionary."- Suzy Wrong (Suzy Goes See)


I have given myself to a possibility of love with you! But you have turned me into this, you have reduced me, Penelope… to a fat man in SPEEDOS.


It’s 11.30am and already 33 degrees.  At the bottom of a drained swimming pool, four men play, plot and connive for the love of Penelope as they face certain death at the hands of her returning husband. From the company who bought you The New Electric Ballroom in 2012 comes a vaudevillian, irreverent, poetic work based on the final chapter of Homer’s The Odyssey by powerhouse writer Enda Walsh: Penelope (nominated for four 2013 Sydney Theatre Critics Awards: Best Independent Production, Best Director, Best Stage Design, Best Sound Design)


Four Suitors.  One Prize.  Let the war begin…. 


Director:                             Kate Gaul

Co-Designer                       Tom Bannerman

Composer                           Daryl Wallis

Fight Choreographer         Diego AR Melo

Stage Manager                   Michael Cutrupi

Assistant Directors            Julian Dibley-Hall + Diana Popovska



Cast                           Thomas Campbell

                                   Branden Christine

                                   Philip Dodd 

                                   Nicholas Hope

                                   Arky Michael 



TAP GALLERY - October 2013


Penelope is about “… atonement, redemption and what it is to face death and trying to make sense of wasted shitty lives…”  Enda Walsh


So, the REVIEWS are in –


1. Jason Blake (SMH)  - "Don't miss this one. Gaul and her team have created one of the best independent shows of the year thus far and have set a new benchmark for what can be achieved...." 




2.  Veronic Kaye (Theatrered) - 'Director Kate Gaul’s production is superb. The cast is top class...." http://theatrered.wordpress.com



3. Whitney Fitzsimmons (Stage Whispers)  - "Siren Theatre Company’s new offering Penelope is an incredibly fresh, energetic and a perfectly realised piece of theatre.... the cast are simply spectacular" http://www.stagewhispers.com.au/reviews/penelope-0



“Extravagantly imaginative”  The New York Times


Describing this word-drunk play, the New York Times said it "dares to suggest what it would be like had Samuel Beckett, instead of James Joyce, decided to reinvent Homer's Odyssey."


'Walsh confirms himself as one of the most dazzling wordsmiths of contemporary theatre." -- The Guardian


"Best of all is Enda Walsh's grandiose Penelope, which mixes classical myth with a bit of Beckett, as interpreted by Father Ted after watching an episode of Lost." -- The Sunday Times