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the seagull


The Seagull - Sidetrack Theatre

4 - 27 June, 2010


"This seagull soars...... ambitious and beautifully realized

Sydney theatre-going is all the richer for this production." 

  • Diana Simmonds


The Seagull

The Seagull by Anton Chekhov

in a new version by Christopher Hampton

Robert Alexander                                  Dorn 

Zoe Carides                                            Irina Arkadina

Katharine Cullen                                   Masha

Mathew Edgerton                                 Trigorin

Kade Greenland                                    Medvedenko

Lincoln Hall                                           Yakov

Monroe Reimers                                   Shamreyev

Lizzie Schebesta                                    Nina

Genevieve Mooy                                   Polina

Nicholas Papademetriou                     Sorin

Josh Wakely                                           Konstantin

Stephanie Begg                                     Maid 


Director: Kate Gaul

Designer: Andy McDonell

Lighting Designer: Luiz Pampolha

Composer: Daryl Wallis

Assistant Director: Lara Kerestes 

Associate Designer: Maggie Brink 

Production photography  by Heidrun Lohr. 

The Seagull was written in 1895 and first produced in 1896 It dramatises the romantic and artistic conflicts between four characters: the ingenue Nina, the fading actress Irina Arkadina, her son the symbolist playwright Konstantin Treplov, and the famous middlebrow story writer Boris Trigorin.

Kate Gaul directs this pacy and very modern adaptation of Chekhov's first great play (in a new version by Christopher Hampton) which lays bare its comedy and its cruelty. Whether it's love, sex, fame, or simply a trip into town, each character is denied the thing they most crave.  This is an extraordinary cast who have come together to explore this ordinary group of people going about the business of life and love.


 “It’s exciting to have such an experienced cast of actors working alongside the talent of those new to the profession. As the characters explore their own hopes and dreams we are reminded of our own fears and failings, the inexorable passage of time and the bitter sweet fragility of human life.

I am bowled over by the sheer comic beauty of this play in which Chekhov focuses on the obsessions that drive artists and the tragedy of despair.  The play was radical in its day and I hope that we will expose its revolutionary force in our very contemporary interpretation.”  Kate Gaul 


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