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Creative Producing 2022 - 2023

Creative Producing is designed for:

  • all theatre artists who want to get a show in front of an audience (you could be a producer, writer, director, designer or actor);

  • build stronger teams because you can articulate your personal vision;

  • we study real contracts, real-life scenarios, actual grant applications and budgets (learn to love them!);

  • this workshop will demystify the process and adding to your personal toolbox if you’re already producing;

  • maybe you are thinking of touring… Kate’s experience in both community and professional theatre spans 2 decades of producing her own work as well as festivals, events, and tours (nationally and internationally).

  • this is a fun (and intense) workshop which will leave you with practical skills and where to look for more…

There is no Creative Producing course offered in 2024

" Thank you for the Creative Producing course. It was everything I expected and much more –packed with up to the minute advice and support material, practical tools, and spreadsheets and delivered with knowledge and passion of great theatre practitioner. Loved it!"  Felix Schwartz, Georges River Civic Centre

"Spending four sessions learning the ins and outs of Creative Producing under the tutelage of Kate Gaul has been one of the most vital learning experiences of my short career. The wealth of experience she draws from and her refreshing direct manner made her someone I was instantly drawn to. Kate structured her sessions of the Creative Producing workshop in an organised and straightforward way and was always eager and willing to answer any questions. She was extremely generous with her time and knowledge and personally, showed me the meaning of a consummate professional – someone who goes that extra mile to help someone when they really don’t have to. Kate has the rare skill of being able to simultaneously engage and inspire those around her as soon as she enters the room and I will definitely jump at the first opportunity to work with her again.” Jessie Trompp, A Millennial with an Opinion

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