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In 1972, the body of a murdered lecturer floats in the River Torrens, a young woman escapes a lobotomy to ‘cure’ her sexuality, and a single mum struggles to find her place in a society, which brands her as ‘abnormal’.

CAMP, a new play by Elias Jamieson Brown (Green Park), welcomes you to the punk lands of the 1970s, and the birth of Australia's fierce gay rights movement.

CAMP chronicles the struggles, successes, and legacy of early Pride activists who risked family, careers, and imprisonment to achieve social change in Australia.

It is a story of murder, corruption, love, and liberation, set across five decades of glorious queer history and inspired by true stories from those who were there.

Publicist: Belinda Dyer

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“The stories told in the play are about the lives of our community elders – as they lived them in the pioneer days of our movement. This play has a strong focus on the role of women in our Pride history. The stories of women have been neglected despite being the backbone of our history as a community. Women did all the behind the scenes work in organisations like CAMP NSW (Campaign Against Moral Persecution) while simultaneously educating men about the links between homophobia and feminism. It was lesbians who were in the vanguard of the women’s movement, who nursed gay men in the AIDS ward at St Vincent’s Hospital and set up women’s refuges and rape crisis centres. It was lesbians who led the charge at the first Mardi Gras and who were targeted by Police.


Women have been all but absent in published records of Pride history in Australia, which have invariably been told from a male perspective. There is a resulting gap in knowledge about the experiences of lesbians and how these shaped the development of the Pride movement. “Robyn Kennedy, 78er and former secretary of CAMP NSW


Robyn Kennedy (Associate Producer) is the co-author of "CAMP: Australia’s pioneer homosexual rights activists". Robyn commissioned Elias Jamieson Brown to write a play drawing on the inspiring stories of former CAMP activists captured in the book.

The play commission is supported by the NSW office for the arts through Create NSW

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