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Invisible Circus is a collaborative production between four (female led) companies.  Three fully realised productions of new works play in rep over three weeks: Good With Maps by Noelle Janaczewska, directed by Kate Gaul; The Angelica Complex co-created by Sunny Grace (writer) and Priscilla Jackman (director); Tiny Remarkable Bramble by Jessica Tuckwell, directed by Cathy Hunt. And then there’s a series of Sideshows curated by Suzanne Millar:  FREE open rehearsals and readings of plays in development: The Laden Table (a group work), Freefalling by Clare Hennessey and Jatinga by Purva Naresh.

Invisible Circus acknowledges the wealth of creativity, skill and derring-do amongst female theatre artists in Sydney.  This is, of course, only a sample of the work being conceived and produced  - usually independently, without much in the way of financial resource – in small spaces. There is no shortage of big ideas and theatrical ambition. 

Good With Maps

by Noelle Janaszweska

Directed by Kate Gaul


“…every element in this production is in step and working together to create this fascinating and ultimately heartbreaking piece of theatre.” Ben Neutze, Daily Review


“ It’s a robustly intellectual essay softened and moderated at the heart by the emotion of our final travelling. The linking of the two themes towards the end of the piece is almost throwaway, a breathtaking simplicity which belies the complexity and reach of the work.” Judith Greenaway, Sydney Arts Guide





The Angelica Complex

Co-Created by Sunny Grace (Writer) + Priscilla Jackman (Director)


"Angelica is played by Kym Vercoe, an actor full of energy, magnetism and acuity….the show’s rhythms shift dynamically and beautifully through the duration." Suzy Goes See


"…. it has a terrifically well created performance from Kym Vercoe as a kind of self-reflective anti-everywoman.....The thriller aspect of the text was also clever.  One is pulled into her story not just her emotions... It is a show written to reflect not inform." Judith Greenaway, Sydney Arts Guide


"The tone is heightened-real, verging on the poetic. Vercoe ... an exceptional communicator, delivers the script" Jason Blake, SMH

Tiny Remarkable Bramble

By Jessica Tuckwell

Directed by Cathy Hunt


"Smart, snappy dialogue is inventively formulated for the creation of six very quirky characters. There is considerable profundity in Tuckwell’s writing..." Suzy Go See


"It starts with an intrigue. We can see who but what is the issue and why? Intriguing beginning yes but this is not mystery theatre. This is the theatre of chaos writ large in a small space. I loved TINY LITTLE BRAMBLE and I “wasn’t even hammered so I have no excuse! ... every movement is meaningful, the stage uncluttered until busied and the relationships are pure so that every look carries emotion and understanding." Judith Greenaway, Sydney Arts Guide

“Where are the women in theatre?” with a firm and confident “Here we are.”  .... a bright shining example of women who have been, and continue to, work in theatre and can create in a non-tokenistic way"  


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