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RICHARD 3 continues Siren Theatre Co's unique exploration of Shakespeare.  

CarriageWorks Bay 20, 1 - 16 May, 2009


This production plunges us into  the depth of Richard’s villainy and the ghosts who haunt a man who is not loved. 


From the team who brought you TWELFTH NIGHT in 2008:

 "This is one of the most exciting and enjoyable nights of Shakespeare I have seen.... brilliant performances across the honours the beautiful text... highly recommended."   Nick Pickard, Daily Telegraph

Cast: Holly Austin, Thomas Campbell, Robert Jago, Catherine Terracini, Genevieve Mooy, Anthony Weir

Director/Producer: Kate Gaul 

Co-Producer: Clara Iaccarino

Costume Designer: Kate Shanahan

Lighting Designer: Dave Bergman

Composer/Sound Designer: Daryl Wallis

Production Manager: Micah Johnson

Stage Manager: Alison Hepburn-Brown

Assistant Directors: Scarlet McGlynn, Lara Kerestes

Photographer Heidrun Lohr

"The director Kate Gaul has gathered six actors, Thomas Campbell, Holly Austin, Robert Jago, Catherine Terracini, Anthony Weir and Genevieve Mooy and with a cleverly edited script thrown them into a playground of invention where extraordinary possibilities of expressive storytelling was permitted to be explored and enjoyed.


All of these actors, create for the audience, using minimal props, furniture, but with intricately designed functional and descriptive costume (Kate Shanahan) each playing multiple roles, in the time honoured footsteps of the Shared Experience company (UK) a breathless succession of characters without confusion and with thrilling impetus.


The handling of the Elizabethan text (1592-early Shakespeare) is very good indeed, by all of the performers. It is as clear as a bell. All of these actors are wondrously committed to their tasks, each others tasks and the empathetic interaction of them, with a need to infect the audience both with that commitment and knowledge of the story.


A team of actors being wrought to combine their crafts for our and Shakespeare’s delectation." Kevin Jackson

Richard 3 is produced in association with MAKEbeLIVE Productions


MAKEbeLIVE Productions is an independent production company propelled by the magic of the arts. Co-founded in 2005 by Holly Austin, Marisa Snow + Clara Iaccarino, MAKEbeLIVE has produced theatre shows including CuBBYHOuSE (Underbelly Public Arts Lab + Festival, Old Fitroy late night sessions, The Blue Room Perth); Twelfth Night (Siren Theatre Co); the cabaret comedy hit Connie Chang’s Cabaret Roadshow (Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Great Escape Festival, Cracker Comedy Festival); The Illusion (Darlinghurst Theatre Company); Checklist for an Armed Robber (B Sharp); To the Green Fields Beyond (Old Fitzroy Theatre) and September (Darlinghurst Theatre Company). MAKEbeLIVE also produces festivals (Fiesta Cubana), a jam night and artistic happening (WOOJam) and musical gigs.  

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