Playlist: a peek, taste, and celebration of new works by LGBQTIA+ writers


PLAYLIST is a selection of writers, theatre-makers and new talent who tell bold, unique LGBTQIA+ stories on stage for audiences hungry for new voices.


PLAYLIST is a partnership between Seymour Centre, Mardi Gras and Siren Theatre Co which celebrates the creation and development of original Australian theatre with LGBTQIA+ focus. 


Saturday 16th February

Sound Reginald Theatre, Seymour Centre

Tickets: FREE - come for one play or the entire programme!















































9.00am - Breakfast Play

Grab a coffee and a pastry and start your day with a play.

We will follow the reading with brief discussion with the writer

promiscuous:cities by Lachlan Philpott

directed by Riley Spadaro


 “ A beautiful love letter to San Francisco, a city I adore, and this play - full of its wild life, beavers and coyotes and language and desire and fear and anxiety and the neighborhoods and the streets and the signs and smellsand the sex, all kinds of bodies and all kinds of sex - make this play a song, an ode, the way the ancients were the poets and the theatre was an arena and the story was the word. I would leave my heart in my seat. ” Emma Goldman-Sherman

10.30am - Break (more coffee!!)

10.45am - Mid Morning Play 

Again, our writer will be present and we'll chat following the reading.

Preserving Jars by Michèle Saint-Yves

directed by Rosie Niven

Set under the looming doomsday of Y2K, Lawyer Simone's ice-coated reality starts breaking down from surging repressed memories of her childhood days with her brother, now living with AIDS. But ‘memories’ are not evidence and with no witnesses there’s no case. So how does she know it’s true?

That's what Simone sets to find out.

Son of Byblos by James Elazzi

directed by Kevin Jackson

Adam, a first generation Lebanese Australian, is coming to terms with his sexuality. Furthermore, his cousin Claire is just about to get married to another gay man, in order to keep her sexuality secret. 


Let Me Know When You Get Home by Miranda Aguilar

directed by Liza-Mare Syron


Val, a Filipino teenager living in a conservative home in Fairfield is desperate to find a place where she can live her truth as a queer, adult woman, and tries to find it by joining a Mardi Gras group in the big city.  Meanwhile, her childhood best friend, Thi, is wrestling with her own identity and sexuality issues, and as a response, joins a bible study group. 

Riley Spadaro.jpg

    Lachlan Philpott.                                 Riley Spadaro 

Rosie Niven_004.jpg

          Michele Saint-Yves                                        Rosie Niven

12.15pm - A session of two plays over lunch

Bring your lunch and enjoy two new plays by emerging writers.  These are two very different works! Our writers will be present and, if time permits,  we'll have a brief discussion about the play, the genesis and where to next?

James Elazzi.jpg

James Elazzi                               Kevin Jackson

Liza-Mare Syron.jpg
Miranda Aguilar.JPG

If you cannot get tickets on line (box office may indicate that allocation is exhausted) please turn up on the day - seats will be available!!!  

Miranda Aguilar        Liza-Mare Syron

2.15pm - Break

2.30pm - 6.00pm - Salon Pieces, Scenes, Shorts and Cabaret

A phantasmagoria of worlds and a chance to hear some works-in-progress!!

Liz Arday.jpg

   Bradford Elmore          Liz Arday

KATE GAULcolour-Edit copy.jpg

Noelle Janaczewska         Kate Gaul

Nyx Calder.jpg

       Nyx Dorian Calder        Cathy Hunt

               Chris Edwards    Anthony Skuse        

E Middleton-headshot.jpg

           Erin Middleton        Glenn Braithwaite

Gravity by Bradford Elmore

directed by Liz Arday

The story of a young married man who falls in love with another man and struggles to understand his bisexuality.



Devil Girl from Mars– the Play by Noelle Janaczewska

directed by Kate Gaul

Someone has been contacted … Others are asking questions. Is there life on Mars? Is marriage equality the same as equality? Devil Girl From Mars—The Play is about close encounters of an unexpected kind. And somehow it’s all tangled up with those science fiction films of the 1950s  



Monsters Anonymous by Nyx Dorian Calder

directed by Cathy Hunt

Audrey is a queer woman in a state of confusion. Her memory is full of holes, her head is pounding and her sleep is riddled with twisted dreams. Her only company? A set of decidedly unhelpful self-help tapes, and a stranger who claims to be her doctor. But her windowless, mirrorless concrete room is more reminiscent of a prison than a hospital.


And beneath all else, a growing, sickening hunger dogs her waking hours.


Monsters Anonymous is a play about identity, loss, queerness, uncertainty and rejection. It's also a story about hope, community and the resilience of the disadvantaged and the marginalised. And monsters. It's also about monsters. 

This Bitter Earth by Chris Edwards

directed by Anthony Skuse

Six stories. Six scenes. Six performers. An unstitched patchwork of queer lives in queer times.


(We will hear two of these scenes read at PLAYLIST)




Fairy Gay Mothers by Erin Middleton

directed by Glenn Braithwaite

Erin can't tell her friends Matt and Liz who she wants to ask out to formal - mainly because she wants to ask a girl. Erin's plea for help is answered by the appearance of her Fairy Gay Mothers, who teach her some humorous queer basics, and leave her with encouragement and hope. 






Somebody’s Somebody by Christopher Fieldus aka Ms CeCe Rockefeller

dramaturg/outside eye Cathy Hunt

In song and story this sapphic salon celebrates worldly Ms CeCe's youthful awakening, spilling the details of a revelatory encounter with the magnanimous Mrs Monivae Jones, and the women who flocked to her at the Sebel Townhouse Hotel. An ugly duckling story - without all those wretched ducks! Our ingenue finds herself on the so-called Glittering Mile in the swing of Sydney in the sixties.

Bradford Elmore.jpeg
Glenn Braithwaite.JPG

Ms Ce Ce will perform 40 minutes of this cabaret to end the PLAYLIST day.



PLAYLIST assessment panel 2019 - Kate Gaul, Robert Jarman, Riley Spadaro, Rosie Niven 


  • LGBTQIA+ artists are invited to submit EOIs for PLAYLIST.

  • We are most interested in new writing which can include plays, cabaret, music theatre, solo performance or other kinds of theatrical performance.

  • Your project is original work that has yet to be professionally produced and will advance audience understanding of queer issues. 

  • Your writing will be an original, unique and authentic story. This could be a great idea at any stage of development.

  • The work must be theatrical – ie, it needs to be told, seen and experienced in the theatrical medium. It can be any style or genre. Cast can be any size.

PLAYLIST is a partnership between Seymour Centre, Mardi Gras and Siren Theatre Co which celebrates the creation

and development of original Australian theatre with LGBTQIA+focus.

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